Babolsar is one of the most attractive places in northern Iran, featuring natural and historical attractions that draw both Iranian and foreign tourists. You can choose the most stunning and finest hotels and restaurants at the greatest prices and become a guest of this river city. Mizban, a collection of hotels and eateries owned by Faragardesh Gostar Co., is located 3 kilometers from the Babolsar Ring Road and offers 7,000 square meters of space with views of the Caspian Sea, northern paddy fields, and the majestic peak of Damavand Mountain. Mizban provides the following services in order to gain the trust of its guests: 233 rooms and luxury suites, 7 various restaurants offering Iranian, foreign, and local foods, a penthouse with a panoramic view, balconies overlooking paddy fields, a restaurant with a buffet and a view of Damavand Mountain’s summit, a bar serving hot and cold beverages, an à la carte restaurant, an à la carte buffet, and a fullbuffet, 7 modern, small, medium, and large halls able to serve a minimum pf 4,000 foods per meal, aparking space for at least 1200 automobiles, an indoor sports club (including a swimming pool, a sauna,and a fitness center), an outdoors playground, a modern handicrafts shop, a florist, and hair salons formen and women. Mizban Hotel has long been renowned among tourists for its hospitality and
welcoming of guests.​​​​​​​​

A host for your moments of peace

A memorable and dreamy stay was provided on the beautiful beach of babolsar.
The host Beach hotel belonging to the babolsar Sea tourism development company was designed and built on an area of ۳ thousand square meters located in the ninth parking lot of babolsar city and the former fishery welfare complex.with the aim of providing access to recreation. Bay and the enchanting beach of the Caspian Sea. This hotel in the first phase of construction ۲۳ Villa wooden, along with amenities days, restaurants and food court and the Navy. coffee shop. path, walking the beach, etc. water sports and outdoor recreation, Marine  quiet and pleasant, accept guests and tourists.In the second phase, with the construction of a sea Pier، the construction of a restaurant for serving seafood on the pier.pelaj  qajans and ladies. we will provide a worthy and peaceful place for the proper benefit of the Caspian Sea and the beautiful Beach.You can now book online through the host hotel add this fascinating collection to your Memories album.

Accommodation with Caspian in the host Beach Hotel
A hotel with a Caspian Abbey and an ear-catching Symphony of waves.​​​​​​​

Gastronomy tourism has recently drawn many to the lovely city of Babolsar. In Mazandaran Province, Mizban Hotel and the restaurant franchises are growingly becoming popular tourist destinations for lodging and dining. A journey to Babolsar is better remembered if you stop by Mizban Hotel because of both its great cuisine and fascinating locality. Mizban differs from its competitors in more ways than just an array of appealing restaurants. It is also distinguished significantly from other restaurants in terms of its trained crew and architectural design, besides the unforgettable Iranian, regional, and international flavors found at Mizban. The tantalizing dishes and desserts available at Mizban restaurants certainly marvel every sophisticated palate. The cuisines at Mizban are not achieved by a routine and straightforward cooking process, but rather through an innovative method and  management that are loyal to international standards. Foreign tourists and international visitors find Mizban to be admirable as well. Instead of being described, Mizban chain hotels and restaurants in Babolsar should be experienced in person, so you are always more than welcome!​​​​​​​

Mizban, an ultimate food destination

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