CEO speech

This is Mizban, hi guests
This is Mazandaran, the land of world-renowned Hyrcanian forests and the generous Caspian Sea; the
people who reside here have ties to Iran’s ancient past, and the stunning and mesmerizing natural
surroundings are intermingled with their vibrant lives. The beautiful creation of God, Mazandaran is a
land rich in culture and religion.
 The coastal city of Babolsar is home to the Mizban brand of hotels, eateries, and tourism and
recreational amenities, and we are delighted to welcome you. Thanks to its cutting-edge tourist
amenities that meet international standards and its professional and qualified staff, Mizban aims to give
its guests pleasant memories and peace of mind. Throughout its years of operation, Mizabn, also
regarded as one of Iran’s eco-friendly hotel chains, has consistently worked to improve and pursue
sustained development. As part of our long-term goals, some of which will be fulfilled shortly, we strive
to be a competent host for you by offering lodging, hospitality, enjoyment, and entertainment for you in
Babolsar, a river and coastal city in northern Iran.
The cornerstones of our hospitality at the Mizban hotel are a memorable stay, delectable cuisine,
tranquility, and enjoyable activities. You give Mizban its essence, and it will unquestionably create a
more beautiful future.
Fereydoun Hajibabaei

سبد خرید